Who we are

Who We Are

We are boutique construction company, providing high quality services in every domain of our operations. We strive to achieve this by ensuring that we have a motivated work force and following acceptable quality standards in operations, management and client relationships, which we believe leads to value creation for all stakeholders.

The objectives of our operations include (a) optimization of time, cost and investment, (b) compliance with statutory, contractual and procedural requirements, and (c) client satisfaction.

We are focused on building a motivated team of people by way of training, incentives and recognitions. The learning and development programmes cover leadership and personal productivity topics that are aimed to enable the individual goals to be aligned with the organisational goals. As people and systems complement each other, we have established processes on the construction industry specific Buildsmart ERP platform and with internal controls in place for financial reporting.

We believe that quality and safety are important components in promoting sustainable growth and towards this end we have established the Integrated Management Policy covering quality, health, safety and environment objectives in the performance of our services.

We value the importance of satisfied clients for securing repeat orders from such clients as well as in making positive references about us to potential new clients. Client satisfaction is therefore of paramount importance to us and our responsiveness to clients is structured accordingly.

Our organisation is structured into three Zones (West, North and South) that act as profit centres with the enabling and supporting role performed by the corporate functions. Business development activities are carried out from our respective zonal hubs. Project sites located in a particular zone are subject to oversight and monitoring from each of the zonal offices.