Our formwork cell caters to the designing, detailing, scheming, customisation, procurement, deployment, training, implementation and maintenance requirements of our projects.

Based on the project requirements including dates, cycle time constraints, deployment durations, construction methods, and project drawings and documents. Based on the formwork scheme, considering the internal resource availability and short term renting if any, the delivery schedule is firmed up to meet the construction sequence at site. The formwork cell ensures proper utilisation of formwork, achieving cycle time and productivity targets, stacking, handling, cleaning, maintenance and upkeep of formwork materials.

We source formwork from international suppliers including :


Capacitˡe has the skills, capability and resources to undertake construction works using any of the following system formwork solutions:

  1. Combines the advantages of Flex-systems with the advantages of modular systems.
  2. Fast in fitting zones and in the regular areas, Flat Slabs.
  3. Can have Crown Type Top Head or Drop Head (advanced one).
  4. Can cater up to 4.0 m floor to floor height & up to 5.0 m Floor to floor height with prop extension piece.
  5. Can withstand Concrete load of up to 400 mm thick slab.
  6. System does not require any lateral bracing.
  7. System ensures quick striking time


We use horizontal composite panel systems for slab construction and these generally consist of a series of interconnected false work bays, independent props or system scaffolds supporting a number of panels. The components of the horizontal formwork systems are engineered to deal with both regular and irregular formwork areas. Reducing and minimizing the number of components in a formwork system allows mobility and quick installation of the formwork.

These are modular formwork systems, designed to be used manually or with a crane, for the production of finished concrete walls and columns. Its strength and versatility, using standard components, make the product capable of providing a solution in the majority of circumstances encountered in Construction and Civil Engineering.

Salient Features:

  1. Light weight modular panels (width & height wise).
  2. Permissible Green Concrete Pressure 60 kN/m2.
  3. The metal frames have a hot dip galvanized finish that protects against corrosion.
  4. Specially manufactured 12 mm plywood with edge protection & face protected by 240 gr/m2 melamine for long life.
  5. Self-aligning Clamps & Propping system.
  6. High Productivity.


  1. Large Tables are made with Primary & Secondary members (Steel / Aluminium / Wooden beams) & 18 mm thk. Ply.
  2. Heavy Duty Props are connected to the Table Top with Table-Head to act as a single assembly.
  3. Crane Handled System.
  4. Suitable for Large Flat Slab Area like podiums, commercial or IT buildings.


We use aluminium panel formwork, for appropriately designed building works, to achieve faster cycle times than is otherwise possible by conventional means. Aluminium panels are lightweight but with adequate stiffness to support the weight of concrete. Aluminium panels are manufactured in standard sizes with non-standard elements being produced to suit project specific size and shape requirements.

Construction of Mega / Mass Housing Project of typical in nature is being done with the Jointless concrete technology. As the term reveals, the Construction of Walls, Columns & Slabs etc for a house are done monolithically without any Joint. The Jointless concrete constructions are done with aluminium formwork for faster & economical constructions in the Building Construction Industry in general and Mass Housing in particular.

Advantages of Aluminium Formwork :

  1. Pre-fabricated Aluminium mould – so dimensions are automatically achieved through precision shop fabrication.
  2. Light weight panels – can be handled manually, no need of crane.
  3. Simple to fix & easy to remove.
  4. Faster Construction. (can achieve 5 to 6 days cycle per floor)
  5. Higher Productivity.
  6. Cost effective for repetitive and similar works.
  7. Monolithic Construction of Building is possible. (Jointless concrete )
  8. Suitable for High-rise structures.
  9. High repetition. (at least 200 nos.)
  10. Better surface finish after concreting.
  11. Better control in Quality of Construction.
  12. Better safety in construction.
  13. No need for External Plaster.
  14. Re-propping very easy as props comes with piece shutter on prop heads, while de-shuttering beam / slab bottom comes out where as prop with piece shutter remains.

We use automatic climbing system formwork for construction of multi-story vertical concrete elements in high-rise structures, such as shear walls, core walls, lift shafts and stair shafts. Jump form systems comprise the hydraulics enabled formwork and working platforms. The formwork supports itself on the concrete cast earlier and does not rely on support or access from other parts of the building or permanent works.

  1. Used for construction of Tall concrete structures such as Cores/ Shear Walls of High Rise/ Sky Scrapers; Bridge Pylons.
  2. Most Suitable if Concrete Core is in critical path. The formwork is independently supported / Connected to the Concrete at all the times during the climbing process. So the Core walls can be completed ahead of the rest of the main building structure. 5 – 7 day cycle can be achieved.
  3. Very Fast & weather-shielded.
  4. Multiple panels can be hydraulically connected and raised at a time by a single ‘pushbutton’, without the use of Crane – Crane can be utilized for other purposes.
  5. Alignment can be achieved quickly.
  6. Placing boom can be climbed with the formwork by the ACS, if required.
  7. Designed for maximum flexibility, providing optimum accommodation to the geometrically challenging cross-sections of the concrete cores.
  8. It can independently scale any height.
  9. The system can be climbed during all weather conditions as it is designed to resist high wind speeds.
  10. Integrated platforms, stair towers and ladders provide complete safety during working operations and for up-and-down access.
  11. The platforms allow for safe and efficient work and can be designed to carry high loads for the storage of equipment and reinforcing steel, as the system is crane independent.
  12. Protection systems (Screens) can be hung off a big Jump Form and climbed with the system


  1. Automatic Safety Screen is an important feature for Periphery protection during construction of Tall concrete structures such as High Rise/ Sky Scrapers.
  2. Acts as wind shield for the workmen, serve as a screen to create fear free environment to personal at working level  with a minimum 2m height vision break from the slab being cast.
  3. Provides workmen access outside the building periphery.
  4. Panels can be hydraulically climbed without the use of Crane.
  5. Serve as scaffolding with 3 levels of working platform all around the building, this will eliminate the external brackets for dead walls & peripheral columns for any type of formwork system in use.
  6. Modular and can be assembled at site.
  7. 95% re-usability of components for further projects.
  8. Solution can be customized to suit the shape yet reusable, hence can be treated as an asset rather than loading on single project.